ME 415: Refrigeration & Building Mechanical Systems
© Dr. Md. Zahurul Haq  [2014]
Syllabus Concept of refrigeration and its applications; Different refrigeration methods; Analysis of vapour compression refrigeration, absorption refrigeration and air-cycle refrigeration systems; Refrigerants; Refrigeration equipment: compressors, condensers, evaporators, expansion devices, other control and safety devices; Multi-evaporator, multi- compressor systems; Low temperature refrigeration. Concept of air conditioning and its uses; Cooling load calculation; Psychrometric analysis; Air conditioning systems; Air distribution systems; Duct design methods; Air conditioning equipment; Application criteria; Control systems. Fire Hazards; Fire fighting equipment; Vertical transportation, its system design; Escalators and moving ramps.
Dr. Md. Zahurul Haq Professor & Head Department of Mechanical Engineering Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh  
Lecture Notes [2014]  Notices Hvac Data Book . . .   Bibliography Hundy, Trott & Welch (2008), Refrigeration & Air-conditioning, Butterworth-Heinemann. Stoecker & Jones (1983), Refrigeration & Air-conditioning, McGraw-Hill, Inc. Ameen (2006),  Refrigeration & Air-conditioning, Prentice Hall. McQuiston, Parker & Spitler (2005), Heating, Ventilating & Air-conditioning: Analysis & Design, J. Wiley. McDowall (2007), Fundamentals of HVAC Systems, Elsevier. Grondzik, Kwok, Stein & Reynolds (2010), Mechanical & Electrical Equipment for Buildings, J. Wiley.
Course Outline Air-Condition Systems & Thermal Comfort          Cooling Load Estimation          Psychrometric Analysis                Class Presentations Air-Distribution Systems & Duct Design        Class Presentations Air-Conditioning Equipment & Control Systems       Refrigeration Applications       Vapor Compression (VC) Refrigeration o Working principle & analysis  [1] [2] o Multi-evaporator & multi-compressor systems                   [1] [2]                      Refrigeration Equipment o Compressor        o Condenser & Cooling Tower        o Evaporator        o Expansion & Control Device        o Refrigerants      Vapor Absorption (VA) Refrigeration      Various Refrigeration Systems & Cryogenics           [1][2] Fire Hazards & Fire Fighting Equipment     Vertical Transportation, Escalator & Ramp