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Theses/Projects & Courses
Supervised Theses/Projects M.Sc. Engg. Theses Energy and Exergy Analysis of Waste Heat Recovery Systems using Organic Rankine Cycle (A. Saha, 2016) Exergetic and Power Augmentation Analyses of Gas Turbine with Air-bottoming Combined Cycle (M. J. Hoque, 2016) Optimum PID Control of a Servo-motor Subjected to Frictional Loads, Inertia  and Disturbances (K. A. Rahman, 2014) Energy and Exergy Based Analysis of a Multi-Fuelled SI Engine (A. Morshed, 2013) Dynamic Response of a Mobile Robot Drive Using PID Control (Z. Aziz, 2011) Development and Tuning of a PID Control System for Mobile Robot Drive (S.M. Ali, 2011) Exergy Analysis of a Four Stroke Spark-Ignition Engine using Different Fuels (M.R. Mohiuddin, 2010) Dynamic Characteristics of Servo-Controlled Mobile Robot using Optimum Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) (M.E. Kabir, 2009) Sesame Oil as an Alternative Fuel for Diesel Engines in Bangladesh (A.K.M.M. Morshed, 2008) Energy-Exergy Analysis of a Diesel Engine Running of Preheated SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil) (M. M. Islam, 2006) Performance of a Diesel Engine with Preheated Vegetable Oil as an Alaternative Fuel (M. S. Uddin, 2005) Comprehensive Modeling of Diesel Engine with Biogas/Diesel Dual Fueling for Optimized Performance (Z.A. Bhutto, 2003) Experimental Investigation of Dual-Fuel Diesel Engine (M.H. Rahman, 2003) Modeling of Flame Propagation in Biogas-Air Premixture (M. Mizanuzzaman, 2001) UG Projects for Asia-Pacific Robot Contests (ROBOCON 2005-2009) Robocon 2009, Tokyo, Japan [1] [2] [3] [4] Robocon 2008, Pune, India  [5] [6] Robocon 2007, Hanoi, Vietnam [7] [8] [9] Robocon 2006, Kualalampur, Malaysia [10] Robocon 2005, Beijing, China: team achieved PANASONIC Award.  [11] [12] [13] Offered Courses (partial list) Undergraduate (UG) Courses     Course Pages ME 203:      Engineering Thermodynamics                              [2017],    [replacement of ME 201: Basic Thermodynamics] ME 307: Heat Transfer Equipment Design [2018] ME 361: Instrumentation and Measurement      [2019-18] ME 417: Internal Combustion Engines [2019-18], [replacement of ME 401: Internal Combustion Engines] ME 403: Power Plant Engineering [2015] ME 415: Refrigeration & Building Mechanical Systems        [2014] ME 475: Mechatronics [2011] Postgraduate (PG) Courses ME 6101:  Classical Thermodynamics    [2019 ME 6161:  Thermal Environmental Engineering ME 6163:  Combustion Engineering