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Theses/Projects & Courses
Supervised Theses/Projects M.Sc. Engg. Theses Energy Efficient HVAC Design of Buildings using Locally Available Materials (M.E.J. Khan, 2019) Energy and Exergy Analysis of Waste Heat Recovery Systems using Organic Rankine Cycle (A. Saha, 2016) Exergetic and Power Augmentation Analyses of Gas Turbine with Air-bottoming Combined Cycle (M.J. Hoque, 2016) Optimum PID Control of a Servo-motor Subjected to Frictional Loads, Inertia  and Disturbances (K.A. Rahman, 2014) Energy and Exergy Based Analysis of a Multi-Fuelled SI Engine (A. Morshed, 2013) Dynamic Response of a Mobile Robot Drive Using PID Control (Z. Aziz, 2011) Development and Tuning of a PID Control System for Mobile Robot Drive (S.M. Ali, 2011) Exergy Analysis of a Four Stroke Spark-Ignition Engine using Different Fuels (M.R. Mohiuddin, 2010) Dynamic Characteristics of Servo-Controlled Mobile Robot using Optimum Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) (M.E. Kabir, 2009) Sesame Oil as an Alternative Fuel for Diesel Engines in Bangladesh (A.K.M.M. Morshed, 2008) Energy-Exergy Analysis of a Diesel Engine Running of Preheated SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil) (M.M. Islam, 2006) Performance of a Diesel Engine with Preheated Vegetable Oil as an Alternative Fuel (M.S. Uddin, 2005) Comprehensive Modeling of Diesel Engine with Biogas/Diesel Dual Fueling for Optimized Performance (Z.A. Bhutto, 2003) Experimental Investigation of Dual-Fuel Diesel Engine (M.H. Rahman, 2003) Modeling of Flame Propagation in Biogas-Air Premixture (M. Mizanuzzaman, 2001) UG Projects for Asia-Pacific Robot Contests (ROBOCON 2005-2009) Robocon 2009, Tokyo, Japan [1] [2] [3] [4] Robocon 2008, Pune, India  [5] [6] Robocon 2007, Hanoi, Vietnam [7] [8] [9] Robocon 2006, Kualalampur, Malaysia [10] Robocon 2005, Beijing, China: team achieved PANASONIC Award.  [11] [12] [13] Offered Courses (partial list) Undergraduate (UG) Courses ME 101: Introduction to Mechanical Engineering [2022] ME 203:      Engineering Thermodynamics                           [2017],  [replaces ME 201: Basic Thermodynamics] ME 307: Heat Transfer Equipment Design [2021-22] ME 361: Instrumentation and Measurement    [2019-18] ME 417: Internal Combustion Engines [2021], [replaces ME 401: Internal Combustion Engines] ME 403: Power Plant Engineering [2015] ME 407:      Advanced Thermodynamics [2021-22] ME 415: Refrigeration & Building Mechanical Systems [2014] ME 475: Mechatronics [2011] Postgraduate (PG) Courses ME 6101:  Classical Thermodynamics    [2021] [2019 ME 6163:  Combustion Engineering [2020]