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Md. Zahurul Haq, Ph.D., CEA, FBSME, FIEB Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh
ME 6163: Combustion Engineering
Syllabus                                          3.00 Credit Hours Fuels, Thermodynamics and Chemical Kinetics of Combustion. Flames, Gas-fired furnace combustion, Premixed charge engine combustion, Detonation of gaseous mixtures. Spray formation and droplet behaviour, Oil-fired furnace combustion, Gas turbine spray combustion, Direct injection engine combustion, Detonation of liquid- gaseous mixtures. Solid fuel combustion mechanism, Fixed-bed combustion, Suspension burning, Fluidized bed combustion. References Turns, S. R. (2012) , Introduction to Combustion, McGrawHill. Borman, G. L. & Ragland, K. W. (1998), Combustion Engineering, McGrawHill. Winterbone, D. E. (1996), Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers, Butterworth-Heinemann. Glassman, I. (1996), Combustion, Academic Press. Culp, A. (1991). Principles of Energy Conversion. 2nd ed. McGraw-Hill. McAllister, S., Chen, J. & Fernandex-Pello, A.C. (2011), Fundamentals of Combustion Processes, Springer.
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Course Notes [2020]: Course Outline Combustion Engineering: Introduction Fuels Thermodynamics of Combustion                    [update 24.03.2020]