Md. Zahurul Haq, Ph.D., CEA, FIEB Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh
ME 203: Engineering Thermodynamics
Syllabus                 3.00 Credit Hours Fundamental concepts; Energy, energy transfer and first law of thermodynamics; Properties of pure substances; Energy analysis of control mass and control volume system; Second law of thermodynamics; Entropy and exergy analysis; Thermodynamic relations; Carnot cycle, Gas power cycles: Ideal cycles, Otto cycle, diesel cycle, Brayton cycle; Vapor power cycle; Refrigeration cycle; Mixture of gases and vapors; Psychrometry. Text Books Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics by Moran, M.J. & Saprio, H.N. Fundamentals of Thermodynamics by Sonntag, R.E.,  Borgnakke, C. & Van Wylen, G. Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach by Cengel, YA & Boles, MA.
Additional Info: Thermodynamic Property Tables Assignment
Course Notes [2017] Course Outline                                    [1] Basic Concepts, Work & Heat              [2] [3] Properties of gases, vapour, Equation of states (EOS)  [4]                              First Law of Thermodynamics                        [5] Energy analyses of control mass & control volume systems     [6] [9] Second Law of Thermodynamics [7] Entropy & Exergy analyses [8] Power cycles, Refrigeration cycles and compressors [10], [11], [12] Thermodynamic relations [13] Mixtures of gases and vapours, Psychrometry [14] Fuels and combustion  (Extra) [15]